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International and domestic transport of waste

We provide comprehensive services for the international and domestic market of waste transportation.


Established framework contracts and full availability of  carriers cooperating with us ensure full safety and warrant top quality services to our customers.

Eco-Logistics’ team is prepared to apply well-proven and efficient solutions applicable to transportation and logistics of waste.

Cooperation with quality-selected waste carriers is a guarantee of success.

Each transportation company cooperating with us is quality certified, while the certificated is granted only after we have completed the audit, completed and confirmed the validity of required permits.


Why Eco-Logistics?
  • more than 50 professional transportation companies at our disposal, which transport waste domestically  and within the European Union.
  • many-year experience and a team of qualified forwarding, coordinating and sales personnel
  • more than 300 units of means of transport cooperating with us; from vans to 13.6 m long sets


Contact us:

Paweł Koszyński - Chief Business Partner

Tel: 0048 519516869


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