BDO reports

Submitting reports in the BDO system, in addition to keeping records, is another obligation of companies that manage waste or introduce specific products to the market. It is extremely important and requires meticulous documentation from entrepreneurs. Just a few years ago, reports were sent in the form of paper forms, but digitization has contributed to a significant improvement of the entire procedure.

Contact regarding reports in the BDO system +48 500 867 153

The BDO system in Poland obliges its users to keep waste records and submit annual reports only in electronic form. Every year, by March 15, companies and entities registered in BDO must submit a special report. It must contain information on the amount and method of managing the waste generated. Fulfilling this obligation is important in the context of monitoring waste management and contributes to maintaining appropriate environmental protection standards.

When submitting a report, an entity may be required to pay a product fee. Its amount depends on a number of factors, depending on what the company registered with BDO does and to what extent. The product fee must be paid by:

  • online retailers who pack the goods they send to customers in their own packaging,
  • importers who bring products into Poland from abroad, already packaged,
  • manufacturers who produce products under their own brand name and package them in their packaging,
  • entrepreneurs who outsource the production of private label products,
  • catering establishments that serve take-away food

Neglecting the obligation to submit a report in the BDO system may lead to various legal and administrative consequences:

  1. The Act of December 14, 2012 on waste indicates that anyone who does not comply with the reporting obligation in the BDO system is subject to a fine (Article 180a thereof).
  2. If a company fails to report, the more often it will be inspected. This can result in fines and other sanctions.
  3. Failure to comply with waste management obligations can damage a company's reputation, especially if it becomes public knowledge.

It is therefore important that companies comply with the obligation reporting in the BDO system. Ecologistics24 can assist in this process comprehensively. We have a great deal of experience and knowledge to support companies in preparing and submitting reports in accordance with the regulations. This will minimise the risk of penalties and legal problems.