A-schild - waste transport in Germany

From February 22, 2022, the Electronic Transport Supervision System (SENT) has expanded its competences to include the transport of solvents and waste. These significant changes affect entrepreneurs in the transport industry. Therefore, it is worth understanding the new requirements and the potential consequences for those who ignore or incorrectly fulfill this obligation. We invite you to read the information that will explain why registering with SENT is now more important than ever before.

SENT results from the Act of March 9, 2017 on monitoring the transport of goods and trade in heating fuels. From the moment the system was launched, companies transporting sensitive products such as fuels, solvents, alcohols or tobacco products must report each such delivery. However, it was only in February 2022, pursuant to an amendment to the regulations, that waste transport was added to this obligation, which was officially confirmed by the Minister of Finance in April 2022.

SENT – what to pay attention to?

Companies responsible for transport reported to the SENT system have several key responsibilities:

  1. They must ensure compliance of the data contained in the declaration with the actual course of transport.
  2. They cannot accept goods for transport without the correct declaration reference number and the required documents replacing the declaration.
  3. They are obliged to continuously transmit the vehicle's geolocation data during transport.
  4. If the geolocator failure lasts longer than one hour, the carrier must immediately stop the vehicle in a parking lot or parking bay. The transport may only continue after the GPS device has been repaired, replaced or the goods have been transferred to a vehicle with a working tracker. Alternatively, actions provided for in the National Revenue Administration regulations can be taken, such as placing official locks on the vehicle or goods or organizing a convoy.

Consequences of failure to fulfill obligations

Failure to fulfill obligations related to transport in SENT may result in the imposition of financial penalties. Here are some sample penalties:

  • PLN 5,000 - PLN 7,500 for the missing application reference number or a faulty geolocator.
  • PLN 10,000 for the lack of the NIP number of the sending or receiving entity on the notification documents.
  • PLN 10,000 for failure to complete the declaration with important information about the goods.
  • PLN 10,000 for the lack of a functional geolocator in the vehicle.
  • PLN 20,000 for transport without reporting to SENT or for discrepancies in transport data.
  • PLN 100,000 for failure to deliver the declared goods to their destination.

To sum up, ignoring the regulations can lead to significant financial penalties and complications in running your transport business. Therefore, it is important to understand the applicable regulations and comply with them to avoid negative consequences.