As envisaged, the BDO Register (Waste Database), i.e. Register of entities introducing products, products in packaging and managing waste, is to provide the opportunity to fulfil registration, record-keeping and reporting obligations online. Any entrepreneur can handle his or her affairs online, including making an entry in the BDO Register without leaving home. If you are self-employed and registered in the BDO Register, from 1 January 2021 you are only required to keep electronic waste records and reporting.

What is BDO and why was it established?

Waste Database is a shortened name for a set of information, data on products and packaging and waste management. The nationwide waste register is intended to support environmental protection authorities in the fight against incorrect waste management practices. The assumption is that this will contribute to the elimination of illegal transfer of waste and its incorrect registration.

The register in a given area is controlled by voivodeship marshals. Taking into account the nature of their business, they enter entrepreneurs into the database at their request or ex officio. The first publicly available module of the database on products, packaging and waste management is the BDO register.

Entry in the BDO register

What is our BDO registry service?

In our company, we offer comprehensive service of the BDO register - registration, updating and deregistration. In the case of the first entry into the BDO register, we analyze the client's area of activity and assess whether it is subject to the registration obligation. If so, we take care of the formalities. We prepare letters and attachments and then help throughout the entire process. When it comes to updating, we check the validity of the data in terms of the entity's current situation. Deregistration – our task is to confirm the possibility of deregistration from the BDO system if the current state of the company favors it. In each of the above-mentioned cases, we will guide the client through the entire procedure and ensure that it is completed successfully. We carry out all formalities related to applications, required attachments and other relevant documents within our activities.

What is worth knowing – failure to comply with the obligation to keep waste records may result in high penalties. Failure to enter the BDO register and, therefore, failure to include the registration number on the required documents will result in an administrative fine ranging from PLN 5,000 to PLN 1 million.

Who must submit an application for entry into the BDO register?

Many entrepreneurs running a business should be interested in the BDO Register, because from 2020, a large number of companies producing waste other than municipal waste are required to be entered in the Register.

The obligation to register with BDO applies to:

  • companies generating waste and keeping records of it,
  • companies that market packaged products, tires, lubricating oils, vehicles, batteries, accumulators and electrical and electronic equipment,
  • waste transporters on behalf of
  • companies producing or importing packaging.

The exception are situations in which the amount of waste does not exceed the minimum values specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Climate, which entered into force on January 1, 2020. In such cases, there is no obligation to record it or register it with BDO.

Who is not affected by the requirement to keep waste records?

Companies that are not subject to mandatory entry in the register of entities introducing products in packaging and managing waste (BDO) include:

  • municipal waste producers,
  • generators of end-of-life vehicles are still obliged to register with BDO. This is because they have generated this waste (with the code 16 01 04* or 16 01 06, depending on the classification). However, if they give it to a dismantling station then they are exempted from the obligation to record this waste,
  • farmers with land area of less than 75 ha - the exception are farmers who already have a decision on the scope of waste generation.

The regulations regarding registration with BDO are extremely complicated. Write to us and we will be happy to confirm whether the area of activity of your company is subject to mandatory entry into the BDO. We take care of all formalities related to submitting a complete application and entering the BDO register. You, as our client, will be kept informed about the progress of our work.

Thanks to this, you will not only save your time. First of all, you can be sure that your application for entry will be 100% correctly completed!

How to register with BDO?

The requirement to register waste has been in force in Poland for several years. However, it was only from December 2020 that the obligation to keep their records electronically, using the BDO register, was introduced. Entry into the BDO register is important because the entrepreneur then obtains an individual registration number. It should be available to production plants, all enterprises producing non-municipal waste, entities managing and transporting waste. Without a registration number, problems may arise when the entrepreneur wants to submit waste for disposal. Due to new regulations regarding waste management, entrepreneurs have new obligations.

Contact us and you will find out whether your business is subject to mandatory entry in the register and, if so, what steps should be taken for this purpose. Additionally, not all companies are obliged to keep waste records and include their registration number on invoices. Our employees will dispel any doubts about the BDO register.

If you want to register in the BDO register, you can do so by submitting an application in electronic form. There is also a correspondence option, but it applies only to foreign entities. In some cases, it may be necessary to pay a registration fee, the amount of which depends on the size of the company and the number of employees. However, this obligation only applies to companies:

  • placing electrical and electronic equipment on the market, including authorized representatives,
  • producers, importers and intra-Community buyers of packaging,
  • introducing batteries or accumulators, vehicles, packaged products, tires and lubricating oils into the territory of the country.

Companies importing cars to the market will also have to provide contracts with vehicle disassembly stations or electronic waste recovery organizations.

Within 30 days of submitting the application, the voivodeship marshal makes an entry and provides the entrepreneur with an individual registration number, login and password to the BDO website. The situation is different when the application is submitted by an attorney. In such a situation, access to BDO is granted on the basis of a link sent in an e-mail.

Completing the application depends on the nature of your business. The regulations regarding entry in the BDO register are quite complicated and pose significant challenges for entrepreneurs. If an incomplete application is submitted, the Marshal's Office calls for supplementation of the gaps in the documentation, which further extends the period of its approval in the BDO system.

What are the consequences of not being entered in the BDO register?

Entrepreneurs who, despite the obligation to keep waste records, have not entered the BDO register will be punished with a ticket, fine or even imprisonment. Penalties for failure to enter the BDO register may amount to up to PLN 1 million. Additionally, these companies will officially not be able to export waste and thus issue an electronic waste collection card. If, despite the ban, they carry out such transport, they may face an administrative fine ranging from PLN 2,000 to PLN 10,000.

It should be emphasized, however, that the holder or primary producer is responsible for issuing the waste transfer card. If the company only orders their transport to an external carrier, the carrier is obliged to have an appropriate entry in the BDO. If it is not provided, the above financial penalty will be imposed on the transporting entity. The owner of the waste must also take this into account, but only if he commissioned its transport, being aware of the lack of appropriate authorizations.

Entrepreneurs who provide false information on waste management in their plant in their application for entry into the BDO register may also be subject to fines or arrest. A fine of up to PLN 1 million must also be taken into account if the assigned registration number is not included on documents prepared in the course of current operations. profile in BDO.

Theoretical and practical knowledge of regulations and procedures allows us to provide services at a high level and in a professional manner. Entities whose activities involve the generation of waste can also entrust us with matters related to their transport. We also cooperate with clients in whose areas municipal sewage sludge is used, e.g. in the cultivation of plants intended for consumption. Please contact us - fill out the form and use our services!