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BDO report deadline approaching

As they begin a new year, businesses face an important obligation - reporting to BDO. The deadline of 15 March 2024 is inexorably approaching. Along with it, the need to submit a comprehensive report on products, packaging and waste management.

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The BDO report in the light of the law

The BDO register is not only a control tool for state authorities, but above all a platform to support entrepreneurs in proper waste management. According to the regulations in force, every company introducing packaged products into the Polish market, as well as those that generate waste, must submit a report to the BDO. This document should contain detailed information on the amount and type of waste produced. It must also inform about the ways in which they are managed, as well as the weight of products and packaging placed on the market.

BDO report - why is its timely submission crucial?

Based on the law on waste of 14 December 2012, there is a clear obligation for companies and businesses to submit reports. If a company fails to submit the required waste report, it can be fined PLN 500 in the first instance. When deciding to impose such a fine, the authorities will also set a new deadline for the submission of this report. This cannot be shorter than 14 days.

If the company fails to submit the report by the newly set deadline, the fine will increase to PLN 2,000. Importantly, it can be imposed more than once if the company systematically ignores the obligation to file the report. Nevertheless, the sum of all penalties imposed within one calendar year cannot exceed PLN 8500.

How can Environmentalism24 help?

BDO report

In the face of regulatory complexity and limited time, working with an experienced advisor can prove invaluable. As an expert in waste management, Environmentalism24 offers comprehensive support in the preparation and submission of the required reports.

We encourage you to take a timely approach to your reporting obligation and make use of our services. Remember that responsible waste management starts with us - the entrepreneurs - and with timely reporting to BDO we can take the first step towards a better future.

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