Krakow's bus fleet in the service of clean air

Even before World Youth Day, Krakow has acquired 60 new buses. They are twelve metres long and have Euro 6 engines, which will take care of Krakow's air and environment.

In recent times, public transport in Krakow has often been disrupted, which could be linked to the heatwaves haunting the city. However, as we learn from a spokesperson for Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne in Krakow, it is not the temperatures that cause the interruptions of trams and buses.

The problem is not the rise in temperatures. There can be various reasons for the difficulties in the operation of transport, for example collisions, accidents, incorrectly parked cars," explains Marek Gancarczyk, Spokesperson of MPK in Kraków.

Even the most modern vehicles will not be able to protect public transport from such obstacles, but the refreshed Krakow fleet will first and foremost allow for greater passenger comfort, but mainly - it will ride in the service of smog-free air.

Renewable energy source

Krakow Mayor Jacek Majchrowski says the new buses with eco-friendly engines are the next stage in the fight for clean air in Krakow. This is thanks to DAF engines, which meet the Euro 6 emission standards and also have an energy recuperation system. This means that part of the energy will be condensed and later reused, for example to power the bus's electrical system or ticket machines. In these it will be possible to pay by credit card and cash. As is already the norm in most Krakow buses, the new Solaris also have air conditioning and a modern passenger information system.

What is more, instruments measuring the number of passengers getting on and off the buses will be installed at the doors, which is expected to be used in the future to better manage transport, taking into account frequency and demand.

The new buses are to go mainly in the area of the city's 2nd Ring Road. The aim of MPK SA in Kraków is to send there only vehicles with engines meeting the Euro 5 standard and higher.

Comfort for passengers

The new Solaris will also differ from the older buses externally. Passengers in Krakow will get vehicles with more seats, a spacious interior. There will also be three USB ports, which will serve as chargers for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Drivers, meanwhile, will drive the buses from an ergonomic cab, built higher than traditionally, which will improve visibility.

In total, 107 buses will be delivered to Krakow thanks to the EU project. In addition to the above-mentioned sixty, electric buses (20), a dozen hybrid buses and 15 midi buses will also appear on the streets. Krakow will also be enriched by a further 12 Krakow City Card ticket machines. In the end, Krakow received PLN 115.7 million for this purpose, i.e. 85 per cent of the eligible investment costs. The agreement to co-finance the purchase of the buses was signed on 21 April this year.


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