Britons praise Jacek Majchrowski's activities

The fact that air cleanliness in some cities in Poland leaves much to be desired has already been written about by European media, including the British Ecologist (The Ecologist). In its publication on Krakow, it points out that its mayor, Jacek Majchrowski, has started to take an interest in the city's air quality, unlike his predecessors.

So much so that it has decided to crack down on electromagnetic smog, generated by the devices we use every day, such as mobile phones, laptops, etc., in addition to the work already underway on 'traditional' smog.

His activities include organising meetings with residents to discuss the dangers associated with smog and electromagnetic waves.

At the end of last year in December, Majchrowski organised an international conference on electromagnetic pollution and citizens' right to be informed about the risks involved.

In doing so, he drew inspiration from legislation in the US state of Berkeley (under which mobile phone retailers must inform customers of the possible dangers of using these devices). Slawomir Mazurek, head of the Ministry of the Environment, was among the speakers at the conference.

The Mayor of Krakow and his team are also working on the relocation of telephone masts in the region to reduce the level of impact of the electromagnetic fields they emit.

With similar boldness, the lower house of the Argentine parliament proposed a new health law last year to regulate electromagnetic pollution.

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