The European Parliament sets the bar high

The European Parliament voted on Tuesday (14.03) in favour of legislation to achieve an EU-wide recycling rate for packaging waste of 70% by 2030. The draft initially included a ceiling of 80% and interim targets for individual materials (i.e. glass, plastic, metal, etc.) with a cut-off date set for 2025.

MEPs also backed a plan to allow only 5% of the total waste generated in a country to be landfilled. European parliamentarians also gave the green light to measures to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030.

Today, a significant proportion of parliamentarians have shown that they believe it is possible to move from the current economy to a circular economy, said Simona Bonafe, who represents Italy in the EP. - 'We have decided to reinstate the ambitious targets on recycling rates and landfill issues that the European Commission proposed three years ago.

Four reports were presented during the plenary session, which will be used during Parliament's negotiations with the Council of the European Union. This is because the latter has not yet taken an official position on the changes to environmental legislation proposed by the EC concerning, among other things, the establishment of recycling rates.

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