How to easily obtain a waste transport permit?

Waste transport permit: how to get it quickly?

Retrieved from permits for waste transport is an obligation for any company wishing to provide such a service in Poland or other European countries. The waste haulage business itself is very profitable. So much so that many companies are trying to enter this industry. First, however, strict conditions must be met. This can take a long time. However, there is a way to speed up the procedure and save yourself from tedious paperwork. We reveal it in our guide.

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It is advisable to contract an experienced company to obtain a waste transport permit

The process of obtaining a permit can vary considerably depending on the country in which such a decision is to be issued (and let us remember that most countries rely on internal regulations here). It will therefore be wise to enlist the help of a company that specialises in dealing with this type of paperwork. An excellent example is the group Open Transport, brand owner Ekologistyka24.

Such companies are well versed in national legislation. They are also in constant contact with the authorities responsible for issuing decisions on waste transport. As a result, they can quickly (some even within 1 working day) to obtain the required documents on behalf of their clients.

From the point of view of an entrepreneur wishing to provide waste transport service within Poland and other European countries, this means concrete benefits:

  • Orderly paperwork, which translates into faster registration and authorisation;
  • Certainty that the permit has been granted in accordance with the facts. This protects the entrepreneur from serious consequences in the event of an inspection;
  • No need to spend a great deal of time familiarising oneself with the regulations in a particular country. This is extremely important when a company is applying for permits in several or even a dozen countries;

Standard in Europe, slowly also in Poland

For years, transport companies in Western Europe have been using outsourcing to obtain waste transport permits. In Poland, this solution is also gradually gaining popularity. Companies are recognising that it is better to focus on other things. It is worth mentioning, for example, obtaining financing for the purchase of vehicles, recruiting drivers, signing contracts and the entire transport logistics. The cumbersome formalities are better left to specialists.

Saving time is an obvious, but by no means the most important benefit. Above all, transport company owners should be aware of the fact that in many European countries there are really very complicated regulations for the transport of waste, especially hazardous waste.

It only takes a small mistake, a failure to pay attention to one detail, for the decision to transport waste to be incomplete. This, in turn, entails the risk of unknowingly breaking the law, with the threat of severe financial consequences - the fines for illegal waste transport can amount to several thousand euros, and in addition the road services often resort to the mechanism of temporary requisitioning of the vehicle.

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