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The most common mistakes when registering in the BDO system and how to avoid them

Registration with the BDO system is a key element of almost every activity involving waste in Poland. So if you produce waste, recycle it or transport it - your company must be registered with BDO. However, what if the registration could not take place or you provided incorrect data? Find out about the most common mistakes made when registering with BDO and what you can do to avoid or correct them.

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Who is affected by compulsory registration with BDO?

Before we move on to the most common mistakes made with registration with BDO attention should be paid to who is subject to compulsory registration in this Register at all. The answer to this question can be found in Article 50 of the Waste Act. We can read there that this obligation applies to:

  1. traders placing products on the market or authorised representatives
  2. operators carrying out the recovery or recycling of waste from products recovery organisations
  3. exporters and intra-Community shipments of waste
  4. derived from products for recovery or recycling
  5. traders who offer single-use plastic packaging products to customers
  6. operators of port reception facilities and operators of other equivalent collection schemes
  7. entities introducing vehicles
  8. operators of vehicle collection points
  9. operators of vehicle dismantling stations
  10. producers of electrical or electronic equipment or their authorised representatives
  11. collectors of waste equipment
  12. operating an electrical or electronic waste treatment facility (WEEE)
  13. electrical and electronic equipment recovery organisations
  14. operators active in the recycling of WEEE
  15. operators carrying out non-recycling recovery operations
  16. entities placing batteries or accumulators on the Polish market
  17. businesses operating treatment facilities for waste batteries or accumulators
  18. intermediaries
  19. waste holders carrying out waste processing exempted from the obligation to obtain a waste processing permit (except for those listed in Article 45(1)(2) and (3) of the Waste Act)
  20. waste transporters
  21. waste dealers and brokers
  22. operating ship recycling facilities
  23. waste producers obliged to keep waste records (excluding waste holders listed in Article 51(1)(1) and (2) of the Waste Act)
  24. entities that are packaging recovery organisations,
  25. making intra-Community deliveries of packaging waste, packaged products
  26. companies exporting packaging waste, packaging, packaged products
  27. recyclers of packaging waste
  28. those introducing packaging
  29. those introducing packaged products
  30. businesses operating retail or wholesale outlets that offer plastic carrier bags covered by the recycling levy
  31. entities representing other entities for the purpose of carrying out obligations arising from their activities
  32. municipal waste separate collection points operated by the municipality itself or jointly with another municipality or municipalities
  33. entities entered in the register of regulated activities for the collection of municipal waste from property owners

Most common mistakes when registering in the BDO system

You have learned that your company should be entered in BDO. You have also read that the entry should be made as soon as possible. You find out the hard way that, as the old saying goes, haste is the worst adviser. Even though deadlines are looming and the reporting period may be approaching, you should approach the BDO registration issue with calmness and caution. Sometimes, however, you find out about a mistake when it is too late and the application has already reached the office. What are the most common mistakes?

Incomplete data - no registration

One of the most common mistakes is providing incomplete data during registration. Entrepreneurs often forget to complete all the required fields, which can lead to the BDO system rejecting the application. It is important to check all information carefully before approving it. Imagine that you are waiting for your registration to be completed, almost a month passes and you get a message from the office. You think it is information that the company has been entered in the Register, but it turns out that you have been called to correct the application. And time flies...

Incorrect information

As we mentioned earlier - registering with BDO should not be done in a hurry. You need to pay attention to all the sections that apply to your business and read the prompts on the form carefully. So-called typos or mistakes in names or numbers due to distraction should not happen. Although they are not difficult to rectify (assuming you know what to do) they take up valuable time and deprive you of the opportunity to continue your business without a valid entry in BDO with the correct data.

No update of data

Failure to update data in the BDO system is another common mistake. We understand that you may be having a turbulent time at work - lots of assignments, lots of documents but little time. But officials will no longer be so forgiving. The regulations indicate that any change that occurs in the company (e.g. new address, new business area, new products) should be reported to BDO as soon as possible. This will help you avoid problems in the future. If this doesn't convince you, perhaps you will be convinced by the fact that for filing an application that is not factually correct you face a custodial sentence or a fine.

Technical problems with the BDO system

System failure

There are also times when you do everything right, but the BDO system plays a trick on you and decides to make registration more difficult. Fortunately, this does not happen often and is often due to changes that BDO administrators make to make it easier for users to use the Registry. Although this is not the rule.

Login problems

This sub-point can be linked to the one above, although it is also often the case that another factor comes into play - memory. And while you're convinced that you've already typed the same password hundreds of times but the system still won't let you through any further, it might be worth reviewing the data you use to log in for a while. If it's not your memory that's the problem, the system is to blame. In such a situation contact usand we will communicate with the office on how best to resolve your problem.

Other errors

Incorrect classification of waste

This error can occur if we select waste codes in the BDO system by suggesting unverified information or, worse, a hunch. We should never suggest what has worked for a friend who runs a similar business. If you are in doubt about the classification of your waste, it is best to consult a specialist who can advise you exactly which waste to choose. This is especially important when it comes to waste accounting.


Whether it is due to a lack of knowledge of how to prepare the documentation, a lack of time or a deliberate action with the idea that "somehow it will be done", a lack of documentation describing the waste activities carried out is a serious mistake that can cost dearly. For example, the lack of annual report can drain your pocket by up to PLN 5 000, and failure to record (i.e. lack of a record card) waste will result in a fine of up to PLN 1 million.

Where to seek help?

If you have encountered any of the problems listed above or know someone who has started an activity that requires registration on the BDO Register, contact us. Ekologistyka24 was established to assist Polish entrepreneurs in everything related to waste management.

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