Waste transport permit in Austria

Waste transport permit in Austria - changes from 2024

On the basis of revised regulations in Austria, with the start of 2023, every waste carrier had to use the train crossing under certain conditions. In 2024 to be similar. Although the conditions mentioned will change. However, what remains unchanged is that waste transport permit in Austria is still in force.

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In order to take care of the environment, the Austrian authorities have taken firm steps to protect it from pollution. Domestic waste generating companies have been obliged to prepare waste management plans. Foreign companies that carry out waste shipments to Austria must also comply. If they want to import waste into the country or even just transit, they can do so, but under certain conditions.

As announced in the §69 (10) Austrian Waste Management Act (AWG 2002, as amended by Federal Gazette I 2021/200):

"Transport of waste weighing 10 tonnes by road transport over a distance:

  1. 300 km in Austria from 1 January 2023
  2. 200 km in Austria from 1 January 2024
  3. 100 km in Austria from 1 January 2026

must be by rail or other means with an equal or lower greenhouse gas emission potential (e.g. electric motor vehicle). (...) This provision does not apply if it is proven that the railway cannot provide adequate capacity (...). Proof of such a situation must be kept on board the vehicle and shown to the authorities upon request".

It can be generated from a special platform, set up under the aforementioned legislation.

Green light for waste transport

The basis for carrying out waste transports in Austria is, of course, to obtain a waste transport permit. Previously, a permit from another German-speaking country could be used. However, changes to the regulations at the beginning of 2021 required hauliers to obtain the relevant permit.

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We advise against transporting without the required waste transport permit in Austria.

§ 181c of the Criminal Code there shows why this would be a bad idea:

"Anyone who (...) transports waste in significant quantities with gross negligence, contrary to Article 2, para. 35 of Regulation 1013/2006/EC on waste shipments, shall be liable to a prison sentence of up to six months or a fine of up to 360 daily rates."

§ Section 40 of the Code also indicates that the amount of the daily rate is determined individually on the basis of the offender's personal and economic situation.

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