Is China drowning in e-waste?

China is undeniably the largest producer of electronic equipment in the world. This has its good and bad points. Especially the bad ones. Mainly because of the amount of e-waste generated in the country. There is so much of it that the country's recyclers cannot keep up with processing it. However, help has come from an unexpected direction....

The Chinese government itself has pledged to help entrepreneurs, struggling to recycle waste electronic equipment and facing millions of tonnes of waste, which, to make matters worse, is increasing. Is China drowning in rubbish?

It turns out not, and it has been decided to shed some light on the latest solutions to the e-waste problem. Details of these are to be presented at the fifth edition of the China International E-Waste conference in Shanghai, to be held this year on 12-13 September.

To emphasise how important these solutions will be, it is worth noting that between 2010 and 2015 alone, the amount of e-waste in East and Southeast Asia increased by 63% to reach 12.3 million tonnes. It is estimated that an average of 20kg of e-waste is generated annually by one Chinese resident.

So far, from 2012 onwards, the UK has sent nearly two-thirds of the plastic waste exported abroad to China.

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